Departure 1989

FITAMOLD [Ft. Toni Nicole]

(SP Nugent, T Williams/ Sephyr Enterreignment Lyrics Co. 2018)


In each of our lives we have a sole purpose

You must trust the try to see if it's worth it

The choice is yours: the in crowd or the ardor?

Will you miss your flight or take your departure?

All you have in this life is your pride and your integrity....

If you're not living in a way that makes you happy

Then why are you living?



Fitamold, fitamold

Always try try try to put me in a mold

Sell your soul huh, sell you soul nah

They try try try to buy buy your soul

Verse 1:

If you give an inch they might take a mile

Give in a bit and they'll change your whole style

Clothes that you wear and songs that you sing

All in a blink, you'll find they are king

Make you feel small and out of control

Weight of the world, you feel like you'll fold

Then you're wrong if you reject what you're told

Flavor of the moment, then you're out in the cold




Do what they want do do what they want

Be who they want be be what they want

Live how they want, live live how they want

Who owns your heart, who who owns your heart



They say success comes with compromise

See masses, aren’t they're hypnotized?

Do you want to contribute to the lies?

Will you feel you can't sleep at night?

What about your daughters, what about your sons?

Right now it's all fodder, so much fun.

What do you leave when it's all said and done:

A giving legacy or a bloody one?





I keep this glow

I never do what I'm told

I'd rather come big and bold

Baby got a little bootie

But her attitude like a centerfold

Drip they can't cut and paste

Needle in a haystack

If she move her tongue like this

Imma need my taste back

Beauty give you brain

But I'm lethal and my waist snatched

Laughing at your boundaries

Pour antifreeze on your degrees

Learn it how I live

Ain't no school for the gift

I'm just blessed to forgive

All the judges of my sins

Had me ready with the bat

An assassin on attack

Look at (look at ) who I am

They all wish they could be that


Chorus 2x





Being palatable is easy

Being yourself is hard

If I'm loved by everybody

Then I'm doing something wrong

CHAMELE-ON ME [Ft. FoePound McGuinness]

(SP Nugent, M. Seals / Sephyr Enterreignment Lyrics Co. 2018)


The rose wilts before our eyes

Why do you just watch it die?

I’ll hold on with all my might

The only hands I see are mine


Verse 1:

At first it's so intense

At first: torrid romance

There's no wall, there's no fence

Just a synchronized dance

At first, no steps are missed

At first, arresting kiss

No short of passion, bliss

Everything I'd ever wished



But now you're looking unfamiliar (unfamiliar, unfamiliar)

Your eyes seem so cold, I see no soul

And you're acting so peculiar (so peculiar, so peculiar)

Are we gonna fold? Can't let this go


Don't go chamele-on me

Don't change the game

Don't go chamele-on me

Won't you stay the same

Don't go chamele-on me

I can't lose this flame

Be the face that I knew every way

Don't go chamele-on me

Don't change the game

Don't go chamele-on me

Stay the same

Don't go chamele-on me

Can't lose the flame

Don't go don't go!

Verse 2:

And now it's lost its shine

And now, are you still mine

You can't pick up the line

Dial tones leave us ill-defined

And now, we can't even speak

And now, we've reached the peak

Our resources – they deplete

Our love once was concrete

B-Section 2:

Yeah now we're breaking (breaking, we're breaking)

Can we still repair, I know that you still care [shattered]

Crying so hard I'm shaking (shaking, I'm shaking)

You go on unaware, is that still you in there? [please don't]


Chorus 2x

Bridge (w/ echos):

Have I not been the same

Have I not given my all

Explain why you're ashamed

And you won't answer my call

Tell me what I have to do

To ground your changing need

Should I change too for you

Then who will we both be?


Don't change the game, no switching disc, leave it in or we'll never fix

This dying flame need gasoline, you a firefighter on the wrong team

Hold up, its it's someone on my line I think your know her

Recognize that I want you but some things I cannot go for


A gopher, I'm digging you crazy why would you bury me?

I'm never throwing dirt on your name whenever you be hurting me

It's hard to be, more than we are when baby so distant

Never question paternity long as we coexisting


You tripping, I need a vacation to get my mind right

You got me feeling plain, but you fly and that aint even right

Let's say goodnight, don't book no more flights hoping you choose to wait. If you don't all i can say is I hope you travel safe



I just don't recognize

I just don't recognize your love...



(SP Nugent/ Sephyr Enterreignment Lyrics Co. 2019)


Who's gonna love you better than me

Who's gonna touch you better than me

Who's gonna give you all the love I gave freely...

Who's gonna stay when it's raining

Who's gonna brave all life's pain and

Who's gonna fight right by your side so willingly...

No no nobody no


Verse 1:

Done seen it all, done heard it all

You see me, you see me

You're building walls and so withdrawn

I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding

Done craved it all, you waived it all

I'm needy, I'm needy

Done gave it all, you paid it all

What it's mean, what's it mean



Can't you see who is down for you

Who will do anything true for you

I'm on your team, let me start for you

And win for you...




Verse 2:

Done loved you much, done trusted much

You know me, you know me!

You felt the rush, you kept it hush

Withholding, withholding

Do you feel love, am I enough?

You're needing, you're needing

I offer up, is it your cup

Cup of tea, cup of tea?

I can't resign, your heart is mine

Always be, always be

It's too much time, would be a crime

To just leave, to just leave

So why am I the only eye

That can see, that can see

That we are the epitome –

Meant to be, meant to be?





You see memories get short

And you wanna say abort

When the mission gets tough

And decisions get rough

You're so ready to leave

Bags packed and your car's running

Was my love drug that bad

You pass it fast like a fad

What about all that you said

How you got in my head

Saying words like lifetime

I believed all of those lies

What can I say to you now

That this ship has gone down

And you've journeyed right on

My Titanic game strong

Words equate to the air

That I'm losing down here

While you're living your life

I'm so far from alright

But you know what I'm good

I did all that I could

You will see I'm the don

When you can find no one (find no one!)





(SP Nugent/ Sephyr Enterreignment Lyrics Co. 2018)


Oh everything's fine. I'm hurting but you know...

You've just got to go out and have a good time

It makes everything better right? Right?!

Verse 1:

This is not how I dreamed I would see

The end of us come

All the way down crashing wildly

The damage is done

Gave all I had you took it and ran

Brought setting sun

Now I've gone mad, feelings in trash

Ending has begun


Strobe lights can't heal, music can't congeal

The hemorrhage you gave to me

(Now I'm)



Grieving on a dancefloor

Grieving on a dancefloor

Grind to keep from cry more

Love keeps salting sores

No one can see me fall

Spinning from wall to wall

Under the disco ball

Of shards from my broken heart



Take me home, all night long

Make me feel less alone

Take me home, make me strong

I can't heal on my own


Verse 2:

The music takes me high to ceiling

I'm floating in air

My body just needs hands on me

Somebody care

My eyes beckoning for approaching

I'm falling apart

Nobody's coming, the Sun is dawning

And down goes my heart


B-section 2:

Passion can't heal if it's not real

Just some semblance of what's needed

(Still I'm)





We always think that it will go away

So we dress up and gloss over the malaise

Trying to find a high to lift us up

Ignoring the problem right in front of us

External locus of control, that's the name

Of when you let a love make or break your day

If you make them your world what happens

When they all unfurls





Falling through the Earth, falling to the core

Falling from my worth, prying at the door

Falling from the stars, falling from your heart

Falling fast apart never like before

Praying for a love, pray I am enough

Praying loud in trust God won't ignore

Praying for a window, Heaven to outpour

Just four syllables: an “I love you more”

It never comes (it never comes, never comes)

Turn the music off!


(SP Nugent/ Sephyr Enterreignment Lyrics Co. 2017)

Verse 1:

I've been so low the clouds seemed like Heaven

Left exposed under a quiet moon, louder lesson

Yet no light reached my eyes, it all was reddened

By tears cried that deprived my thrive til not fecund



Now where do you go when your life is all dead ends

And who do you know who will take the time to listen

And why is your glow on another love dependent



Bring it back, bring it back

Recapture, never let it go...

Start anew



Verse 2:

I couldn't feel the heart that once transcended

The cold concealed a darkness that descended

I held on best as I could, I felt myself get winded

Kicked in the chest so hard, I thought it all had ended


B-section 2:

Now where do you run when the fault falls on your line

And you become someone you once maligned

And why do you run the wrong way – from the light




Orchestral Break



And why does it feel I run in circles

When I once knew the route so well

Or I thought I knew where I was going

But the present time does tell...

I am afraid of not only the light

But the truth that it illumines

So it's time I open up inside

To embrace the glow like never before





Recapturing your heart, your soul,

the things that make you, you.

Don't ever let love take away the love inside of you.

If you know God you know God is inside of you.

That's when you can truly fly,

That's when you can truly be you.


(SP Nugent/ Sephyr Enterreignment Lyrics Co. 2018)

Chorus 2x:

You better recognize

You better recognize

You better recognize

A love like mine...

Verse 1:

Put down that phone and look in my eyes

Leave it alone, oh it runs your life

We need to talk, demystify

The point of it all, why we still try

You know and I know we were legit

But you lost the flow, got distant

Who held you down, have you forgotten

When your friends let you down, you'll come running back again


Chorus 4x


Verse 2:

Who stayed up when you got sick

And who picked you up, when you lost it

I'm not trying to brag, but to remind

You that I had and still have your best in mind

You know and I know I'm dependable

But you rather go to ones more cynical

Why set yourself up for a fall so hard?

You'll seek fortress in my heart when that all falls apart



All the things I did do they matter now?

You tend to forget and you let me down

Is this the end, can we say no more?

If you (you) leave again, I'm padlocking the door


Chorus 4x


You better know what you got at home

Gonna end up alone

You'll be on your own

No No, You better recognize my love.