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What do you get when you mix a pint of musicality, an ounce of lyricism, a 4.5 octave range, a lot of emotion and resilience together? Memphis-born Sephyr Patriq (pronounced Say-fear Pah-trick). Writing his first song at ten years old, music is no stranger, but many of his loved ones wondered why he never recorded anything. For years he sat on hundreds of songs using songwriting as a personal therapy through the tougher years of his life. Finally, he has decided to take the leap and release his debut EP, Departure 1989, a personal triumph of uniqueness, heartbreak, and overcoming.


He began his professional career training doing stage work at Germantown High School in Germantown, TN. There he found passion for the stage. He then began training classically at The University of Tennessee as Martin starring in operas and independent film. After this he booked his first professional job in the cast of High School Musical at Playhouse on the Square in Memphis. Following several acting jobs he received his Masters at Montclair State University where he majored in Theater Studies. There he adapted Bjork and Lars Von Troier's Dancer in the Dark for the stage and starred in dramatic works. After graduating he collaborated with Rafi Fuentes to write and present The Usurper at Lincoln Center in New York and performed in The Royal Pyrate at Musical Theatre Factory. He also graced the stages of  New York's Metropolitan Room, Harlem Nights Cafe, 3 Black Cats, and Nuyorican Poets Cafe.


Yet, he had his sights on performing his own music and divine timing brought him to the right place to experiment and blend his theatricality and expressive lyricism with strong melodic hooks and dynamic production. On Departure 1989, he presents a mélange of musical styles as what he coins Poetic Pop. Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, and Eastern sounds all flow seamlessly connected under a tale of a confident heart whose identity is chipped by a loss of love and how it finds its light again. Collaborating with producers such as Memphis based CmaJor of Unapologetic and Brooklyn based Shareef Keyes and Syl Dubenion, he has worked to co-produce a solid debut EP which he believes is a grand first step into the industry. He implores anybody who dreams of doing something to go after it and go after it unabashedly. The rewards are endless.